Too much coffee, not enough sleep, and the nature of consciousness – a theory

OK. Let’s have a peek inside of the madness that is my mind when I can’t sleep and have had too much coffee. For the purpose of this discussion we are going to take it as a given that the universe is composed of at least 11 dimensions, four of which we can interact with: the three spatial dimensions and the fourth being time. A one dimensional object is a point, a two dimensional object is a line, and a three-dimensional object is a cube. I’m not going to ask you to try to visualize a four dimensional object. Trust me – you’ll just give yourself a headache. Recently, I reread an article (This one, in fact) which suggests reality rises from consciousness, not the other way around. It suggests that when we die, our consciousness passes from the universe in which it currently resides to a parallel universe where it can power our brain there. I like that theory. 
So the question is how would it be possible for your consciousness to power your brain in every possible reality at the same time? Let’s consider time – the fourth dimension. Due to our limited perception, we can only perceive time as moving in one direction. We think of it as an arrow. The past is only accessible to us via memory. The future is an abstract concept.
What if, however, from the perspective of the fifth dimension and higher, time is actually not something that flows in only one direction? A four dimensional construct would have some very interesting curves and angles that we cannot perceive from our three-dimensional space. If reality does indeed have 11 dimensions, it would stand to reason that all 11 dimensions exist in every parallel universe. Due to the curved nature of space-time, it is theoretically possible for time to connect to itself in every reality, allowing the quantum information stored in our brains to flow along those curves and angles in a closed circuit between realities. This would theoretically allow a single person’s consciousness to exist in multiple places and times simultaneously. 
Maybe I’m talking out of my ass. Maybe I’ve just watched Interstellar too many times. Either way it makes sense to me. 


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One response to “Too much coffee, not enough sleep, and the nature of consciousness – a theory

  • Aak fictionspawn

    Interesting thoughts. I read somewhere reasently a theory which worked with two dimensions of time instead of the usual one. I don’t know very well the consequences of that, but it’s an interesting idea.

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