Who is Don Loco?

Fly away on wings of thought
Brought about through dreams of naught
Emptiness fills chasms of pain
Fill them again with sun and rain

– Excerpt, from Dreams of the Night

Welcome, friend. Stay awhile. This is my struggle – this is my karma – these are my writings – my thoughts, my words, my dreams, hopes, fears, nightmares, love, joy, pain. Maybe you’ll find something here you can relate to. Maybe you’ll think I’m an asinine git.

I’m Don Loco. No, that’s not my real name. My parents didn’t hate me that much. I’m an aspiring writer, truck driver extraordinaire, bad photographer and damned good cook. I’m a repressed rock god in need of a few faithful worshippers. I’m a megalomaniac looking for minions. I’m Elvis.

Really I’m not. I’m just someone with too many thoughts who needed a place to put them. Hopefully you’ll find something here to your taste.


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