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Cooking with Don Loco

I previously wrote that a certain member of my family asked that I make her a cookbook for Christmas and then my mom decided that she wants to get in on the action. She also stated that quite a few other members of the family would probably like one too. I agreed to do this project and then figured, “What the hell?” Rather than having to hand-write a bunch of copies of a book (which would suck, since my handwriting looks like someone with late-stage Parkinson’s decided to teach off-hand cursive writing to an epileptic double-amputee), I’m just going to self-publish the daggone thing.

Thus far, this is what I’ve got. I’m going to add more, I’m sure, but if there’s something you’d like to see, now is the time. Hit the comment button and let me know. I won’t be taking requests for long. Much of what I’ve put on my Instagram account will be going in, plus a few others that you’ve never seen. Everything is taste-tested.

And don’t be surprised if you don’t see exact measurements. I don’t measure much in my kitchen, but go by feel.

So without further ado, here is the preliminary table of contents:.

Aguas Frescas
Leek and potato soup with crumbled bacon
Tuscan style tomato bisque
Chicken and spicy drop dumplings
Chicken and wild rice soup
Caldo de res
Creamy potato and italian sausage soup with bacon
Cream of chicken
Basic vegetable soup
Chowders – fish, clam (new england and manhattan)
Loaded baked potato soup
Stuffed mushrooms
Stuffed jalapenos
Shrimp fajitas
Beef fajitas
Basic beef taco meat
Bistec a la mexicana
Beef enchiladas
Spinach and chicken enchiladas
Carne guisada
Rice atole
Carne ternera
Puerco guisada
Carne asada
Chile colorado
Chile verde
Italian or Inspired
Cajun chicken and andouille sausage alfredo
Italian sausage and peppers
Shrimp in basil pesto cream sauce
Spinach and artichoke cream sauce with chicken
Shrimp scampi
Stuffed chicken marsala
Basic tomato sauce for pasta
Basic alfredo sauce
Seafood stuffing for fish
Rosemary roasted chicken with root vegetables
Pork tenderloin
Baked salmon with cajun shrimp, roma tomato, and cilantro topping
Stuffed flank steak
Scramble dogs
Homemade pizza
Portobello and onion sandwiches
Chicken fried steak
Red beans and rice
Buffalo-style wings
Baked tilapia in lemon garlic sauce
Pot roast
Honey ginger chicken
Bacon-wrapped asparagus
Roasted asparagus
Baked Potato
Twice baked potatoes
Mashed potatoes
Mashed sweet potatoes
Sweet potato casserole
Asparagus casserole
Sauteed beets with greens
Strawberry and spinach salad with homemade pomegranate vinaigrette
Sauteed mushrooms
Stuffed bell peppers
Pasta salad
Creamed spinach
Steamed broccoli
Cornbread stuffing
Mushroom and red wine gravy
Cream gravy
Brown gravy
Lemon butter sauce
Enchilada sauce
Basic Info
How to make beans
How to make rice
How to make pasta
Marinade theory
Grilling theory
Smoking theory
Buttermilk biscuits
Quick banana pudding
Homemade banana pudding
Peanut brittle
Rocky road fudge
Chocolate fudge
Butterscotch fudge
Pecan pie
Lime congealed salad
Fruit salad (yummy yummy!)
Fruit cobbler

Coming attractions

The other night I was having a conversation with my oldest niece. She was carving her very first pumpkin and wanted advice. Her pumpkins came out very cool by the way. Anyway, we got to talking about cooking and food in general. Every time I visit I cook at least once for my mom and family and we always have a good time. And they all love my cooking, which helps. 

Anyway, she asked me to make her a cookbook for Christmas. I thought it was a wonderful idea – it’s personal, it’s practical, and it all we me to share some of what I’ve learned over the years with the next generation. So I was talking with my mom today and she said she wants one too. And I’m going to need to make several more for other people. 


So it appears my next project will be a cookbook. Instead of handwriting a bunch of them, I’m going to do what I’ve already been doing: self-publishing via Createspace. Now to start mining my Instagram for pictures, figure out how to insert pictures into Word documents, format the thing, and figure out which recipes to include. 

So what about you guys? Is there anything from Don Loco’s kitchen you’d like to get your mouths around? If so, the time for requests is now. I’m aiming to publish around December 1st – just in time for Christmas. 

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