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Rolling some smoke

One of my passions, other than writing, is food. You don’t get this fat for nothing, you know. And when it comes to food, there’s nothing like smoked meats. 

Being from Texas, beef is the king of meats for me, and brisket is the king of beef. Living in the southeast, though, has taught me that these poor souls prize pork above all else. Don’t get me wrong: I love pork. I just wish I could find brisket here for what I pay for it in Texas. 

Sad day. 

All that said, I’ve got a 9 pound pork shoulder sitting on my Weber soaking up some lovely cherry smoke, with a bit of mesquite thrown in for added depth. Before long I’m going to start mopping it with a honey and habañero sauce to give it a sweet and spicy kick. Tonight I’m making pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans and something else – I’m not quite sure what yet. Check my Instagram for the final results later. 


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